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watch our very first live performance of the new songs at Studio 8 Streaming's CLUB 8 show
featuring Justin Raymond

Radioroad West

The band was founded by Chris Tucker in the year 2000 when playing a home demo of his songs to a drummer, Dirk Morning, at Frankfurt music college for jazz and popular music. His good friend and fellow guitarist Tomek Witiak joined the band shortly later. Dirk moved to Berlin in 2001 and was replaced by a drummer called Claude Schauss from Luxembourg. This being too great of a distance for regular rehearsals, drummer Max Mahlert joined the band. The current line up was complete when bass player Dennis Bergmann became the forth member.

In April 2004 one of their songs made it to the Top5 rock songs in the American Song Of The Year Contest. Since then the band has been on tour around Germany, France, Spain and Poland playing countless gigs in all sorts of venues and festivals.

Their Live Unplugged Album was released on December 26th 2005, recorded at a concert in Frankfurt, Germany exactly one year earlier. Several guest artists had joined the band for this event including Garland Hatten (Poetry`n`Motion), Heiko Himmighoffen (re:jazz), a pianist and a string ensemble. This album got some excellent reviews and the band was invited to play a gig at the 2006 International Music Trade Fair in Frankfurt.

Songs and interviews could be heard on the radio around Germany on various radio stations including HR1, HR3, SWR3, AFN Europe, Radio X, Radio Rheinwelle, Hitradio Ohr and Radio Regenbogen.

Radioroad West brought out their second album Girls, Cars, Guitars in 2007 and a live album Raw In Berlin in 2008, recorded at a show in Berlin during the Girls, Cars and Guitars tour.

Since 2009 the band has has changed their style quite dramatically. Heavily influenced by the numerous side projects of the individual band members and personal development the new songs to be heard now can be described as pure energy.

These new songs were recorded with former Crush Down singer Justin Raymond and will be released on all major digital platforms track by track.

Look forward to seeing the band live and keep yourself updated on facebook ...

past releases

live unplugged

live unplugged

girls, cars, guitars

girls, cars, guitars

raw in berlin

raw in berlin

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Christopher Tucker
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